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Would you believe someone could lose a whole five stone?

Lynn is 43 and from South Wales. After the birth of her daughter five years ago, Lynn struggled to lose her pregnancy weight. She found it was an uphill task that left her feeling dejected.


I think that the Slim Pasta range is convenient, versatile, filling and can work with pretty much any meal. It is quick to prepare and brilliant for week nights when I want something filling that’s easy to prepare


Slim pasta stops me missing rice and pasta, they’re literally a lifesaver! I even eat them instead of rice noodles. They are very filling and moreish, I love them!


Slim noodles and rice are really tasty and filling. I feel fuller longer and because they are low in calories, it helps with my weight loss.


They have helped me fill up with tasty food and lose weight. I love pasta and have easily been able to make low fat sauces and other dishes enabling me to keep to my Weight Watcher points and eat a big meal, thereby feeling satisfied!


They are filling and really help with cutting those calories! A friend recommended them as we are doing a sponsored slim together, and i was struggling. I love my carbs to much. Since having these, it has kick started my diet!


Lovely! Couldn't believe it when I tried a smoothie with fruit it tastes so good. Great to eat something that makes you healthy and you can enjoy at the same time.


I love slim noodles with chicken breast and some veggies, They helped me drop 3 stone and still enjoy a filling meal.


Definitely affords me the opportunity to eat meals on a fast day that would normally not be possible because they should be served with rice or pasta.


Surprisingly filling. I make my own sauces from Slimming World recipe and just add a bit of chicken or fish.


I like the skinny noodles the best and the rice - the noodles make a fab filler to go into my Chinese soups that I eat and the rice is lovely with the chilli & stews that I make.


They are so easy to use. Because they are so tasty and filling I feel full and don't need to overeat. Plus, I can take them to work easily!


The taste is very similar to a classic pasta/noodles. I use it instead with my stir-fry or pasta sauce. It helps me losing weight.


The noodles are yummy in a stir fry and taste better than egg noodles. All of Eat Water products fill me up.


Interesting and readily adapted to several dish. A good alternative for those wishing to remove carbs from their diet.


Great cooked in a sauce. Can have all my favourite pasta dishes without all the calories. Wish you could make lasagne sheets too.


I'm diabetic. 5 years ago I was introduced to a low carb diet. My diabetes consultant has discharged me from his clinic. Insulin injections down from 4 a day to just 1! Diet is the key and I thank you, Eat Water.


You can still enjoy the same meal such as spaghetti bolognaise but without having to worry about the calories or carbs.

Sheryl Carter

They are gluten free and easy to use which helps a busy lifestyle. Being so healthy is an added bonus when trying to lose weight and eat well!


Lovely mixed in with the food, really filling and definately helping my dieting! So far I have lost a stone in a matter of weeks and am planning on keeping up the use of the slim food, potentially eating it every other or every day to help combat my weight!


Tastes just like normal pasta/rice.. Have helped me lose 12lbs so far and still early days. I am so glad i found this product as before i was drinking lots of water but still felt hungry. Now i feel full for longer.


I think that the slim pasta range is convenient, versatile, filling and can add to any meal. it is quick to prepare and when you get in from a long day as work you need some thing filling and quick and easy to prepare.


They make me feel full where as before i was craving something carby and i was hungry. they make me feel like i am eating something substantial whilst enabling me to continue losing weight.

Katie Atug