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Are Slim products safe to consume?

Yes! Konjac has been consumed in Japan for thousands of years, far before the advent of fad diets and ‘miracle’ weight loss products. This makes Slim products not just satisfying for your stomach, but foods that can actually help you lose weight! Their fibre content aids in digestion, and they’re even safe for most special-needs diets such as those for diabetics and Coeliacs. Konjac contains glucomannan. Glucomannan, as part of a calorie-controlled diet, contributes to weight loss. The way to this weight loss is a daily intake of 3g glucomannan, spread through three doses of 1g each (which is why 33g Slim Pasta® provides 1g glucomannan). 1-2 glasses of water MUST be taken with glucomannan, before calorie-controlled meals. Always accompany it with plenty of water, as there is a risk of choking for people with swallowing difficulties or those who consume it with inadequate fluid.

Is The Slim Instant Range Healthier Than Regular Instant Noodle Soup?

Yes, it is! Regular instant noodles are chock-full of harmful ingredients, whereas our Slim Instant range has nothing but healthy konjac and Juroat™!

What Is Konjac? Where Can I Find Out More?

Konjac is a plant that has been consumed in South East Asia for thousands of years as a source of fibre for weight loss. We’ve brought it to England and used its secrets to make products that help battle modern-day obesity. You can find out more by reading The Konjac Diet by Yinka Thomas, available here

Where can I buy Slim products?

Slim foods

Can anyone eat the Slim foods Range ?

Unless if you have an allergy to at, the answer is yes, anyone can eat our Slim products, but they are not like your average food. The Slim foods range is suitable for diabetics since it contains as little as 0g of carbohydrates and sugar (per 100g serving). It is also suitable for Coeliacs, as it is free of gluten, and is listed on the Coeliac UK databases of foods suitable for Coeliacs.

Can Slim foods be substituted in conventional recipes?

Yes, they can! Slim foods really just need to be heated to eat (following the instructions on the packaging), but you can substitute Slim Easy products in regular recipes in place of conventional rice, noodles and pasta.

How much Slim food should I eat?

The Slim foods range is very filling, so start with a very modest portion and increase the portion size of future meals until you are satisfied. Try to remember that the Slim food range is a source of fibre, so you may not need to eat as much compared to regular pasta, noodles and rice.

What are slim foods made from ?

Slim Pasta®, Slim Noodles® and Slim Rice® are made from a secret blend of water-soluble vegetable fibre Konjac flour and superior oat fibre (Juroat™).

What special diets can i make Slim foods a part of ?

Slim foods are low to no carb, sugar free and gluten free. They are formulated from 100% GMO-free konjac flour and superior oat fibre (Juroat™). As such, they can be incorporated safely into a number of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, weight loss, sugar free and gluten free diets. They are completely safe for diabetics and Coeliacs due to their lack of sugar and gluten.

What's the difference between Slim and conventional?

Slim Pasta®, Slim Noodles® and Slim Rice® are alternatives to regular pasta, noodles and rice. They are slightly chewier because they are made from organic konjac flour. The Slim range is also very absorbent, so if you add these foods to a sauce that is runny, it will absorb a greater amount of flavour. The down side of eating traditional pasta, noodles and rice is the high calorie, carbohydrate and associated sugar content. For example, regular durum wheat pasta contains 352 calories and 71.6g of carbohydrates (per 100g serving). Compare that to Slim Pasta®, which contains as little as 9 Calories, 0g of Carbohydrates and 0g of sugar and it’s a satisfying way to lose weight without going hungry.

Slim ready meals

Do the ready meals contain harmful preservatives in order to give them long life like most ready meals?

Our ready meals are made by combining the recipe ingredients in individual trays, sealing them and then gently heating them using high pressure and steam, until they are nicely cooked. This keeps all of the flavours, aromas and goodness inside without the need of harmful preservatives.

How do I store ready meals? Can I freeze them?

Our ready meals can be stored in your kitchen cupboard, office desk, or bag. They should not be frozen as this would effect the quality of the food.

Storage and usage

Can foods containing slim products be frozen ?

We don’t recommend freezing food made with konjac products as it may lose its texture and shape and we can’t vouch for the results! Slim foods can be refrigerated for up to two days after opening, however. We recommend consuming them immediately, because they’re delicious and satisfying!

What's The Use-By Date For A Slim Product?

Our Slim Easy range and Slim Instant ranges can be consumed up to two years from manufacture. Our Slim Ready range needs to be consumed between 12-14 months from date of manufacture. You can find the best-before date on the packaging.

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