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Warm up to winter runs

06th February 2017

Winter, spring, summer or fall; all you gotta do is call… upon tips and tricks that enable you achieve your personal best, even during those dank winter days. Here are a few that will help orient your prep thinking.

There’s nobody like a good running buddy

Finding a good running buddy, is great inspiration, motivation and morning kick-starter. Running with friends or in a group, challenges you to discipline and expands your learning horizon in the area of running consistency. Fear of not looking good, is a great deterrent to looping off just because you don’t ‘feel’ like it on any morning. Buddy or group running is also a great safety precaution, as against running alone.


Be goal oriented

Goal oriented running is a great motivator to keeping fit. Tracking changes in your body, can be measured precisely and specifically if they are mapped to fixed goals rather than floating targets. Setting a mixture of short-term and long-term goals can also help set direction and make running a consistent part of a healthy lifestyle, rather than another work out method.

Warm up to warm ups

The best way to overcome the struggle of winter morning, cozy blankey-fuelled inertia, is by warming up indoors before starting your run. It can simply be running on the spot or stretching. During winter, capillaries will stay constricted for longer and synovial fluid, which helps reduce friction in your joints, is more viscous. Warm up well and you’ll perform better. Avoid winter sprinting without preparation.

Pack in the fluids

Cold weather running, masks your quantum of sweating; making it appear that you don’t need to hydrate. Before starting out on your winter run, ensure your fluid intake is on the up. Shunning sugary energy drinks and opting for natural electrolyte mixes is a great enhancer.

Happy running.

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