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Four sweet alternatives to sugar

13th February 2017

The question on most fitness conscious folk these days is: ‘Are there healthier alternatives to white table sugar?’

The truth is, it’s almost impossible to eliminate added sugars completely. The good news is, there are quite a few natural sugar alternatives, with some great health benefits if consumed moderately.

Maple Syrup

Traditionally used as a classic pancake drizzle, Maple syrup is a great source of manganese, that boosts the production of energy and antioxidant defenses. It also contains riboflavin and zinc, which are useful nutrients; in addition to polyphenols and antioxidants that help control inflammation.

A teaspoon of pure maple syrup has 17 cals and 5 gms of sugar. It can also serve as a substitute for other liquid sweeteners.



To ensure your honey is not blended with table sugar or corn syrup, buy locally sourced honey from known beekeepers or find an organic option, sourced from beehives in areas far from the reach of pesticides and pollutants.

A teaspoon of honey has 21 cals and 6 gms of sugar.

Truvia Nectar

Try Truvia Nectar, for a lower-cal option to honey. Trivia Nectar is a blend of honey and stevia leaf extract, that’s said to be twice as sweet as honey and sugar so you only need to use half as much to get the same level of sweetness.

A teaspoon of Truvia Nectar has 20 cals and 4 gms of sugar. Half a teaspoon of Truvía Nectar will normally be the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar, honey or agave.

Blackstrap Molasses

A byproduct of refining sugar cane into table sugar, a tablespoon of this thick molasses contains around 15% of your daily iron requirement. This is delightful news for vegans, who often lack adequate amounts of iron, in addition to vitamin B6, magnesium and calcium.

A teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses contains 20 cals and 5 gms of sugar. Since it features higher on the bitterness scale and lower on the sweetness scale as compared to sugar, it’s not caught on as the perfect replacement for sugar.

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